Enero: 13 y 14
Febrero: 3 y 4
Marzo: 5 y 6
Horario: 9 a 14 y 15:30 a 18


Palma de Mallorca


900€ + VAT (first enrolment)
720€ + VAT (second and additional enrolments)
Food and beverages included.

This workshop for consulting sales process offers salespeople the necessary skills to cultivate their personal relationships with the clients; to know the client’s situation and motivations; to describe them the benefits and solutions to convert indifferent people into satisfied clients with multiple products.

The sales techniques, skills and competences, (especially the ones related to the services or in niche sectors with less distinguishable products) relate to an influence process based on communication, personal relationship and trust. These are the critical sales techniques.

In order to put this influence in practice, the salesperson will need to join the needs and the psychology of the client, previously detected, with its product, which would have been previously analyzed. More than explaining sales theories, this workshop will promote and improve sales behaviours through the acquisition of critical sales techniques.

This course offers salespeople the necessary skills to nurture the personal relationship with clients and get a better understanding of their situation and motivations.

Table of contents of this course:

  1. Course and content introduction.
    2. What are the success factors during the sales process.
    3. Consulting sales vs. traditional sales
    4. Consulting sales processes.
    5. Building up your client’s trust.
    6. Obtaining information about your client: why, what and how to get it.
    7. Offering your solution to the client.
    8. Competitive reasoning of our products and services.
    9. How to deal with objections.
    10. Closing signs and techniques.
    11. The action plan.


We will use deductive methodology, like “learning by doing”, in which the participants not only acquire new knowledge but also put into practice at class thanks to role-playing and videos.

Additionally, we will also use practical cases, quizzes, movie scenes, assignments and group discussions

Aimed at

  • New admissions.
  • Professionals who wish or need to update their work performance.
  • Professionals who have been or will be promoted to a new position or role.
  • Professionals with no previous specific training.

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