Enero: 23 y 24
Febrero: 24 y 25
Marzo: 12 y 13
Total: 16h
Horario: 9 a 14 y 15:30 a 18


Palma de Mallorca


900€ + VAT (first enrolment)
720€ + VAT (second and additional enrolments)
Food and beverages included.

The continuous changing moments all businesses are immersed into, and the increasing requirements and disloyalty of clients force sales leaders and managers to build teams with high levels of motivations. To achieve the set goals it is necessary to have an effective leadership.

This course is aimed at all those sales leaders and managers in sales, after sales and customer care departments who wish to adjust their skills to the current state of the market so their skills do not become obsolete.

The goal of this course is being able to establish, in each case, the most suitable leadership style for all collaborators, as well as developing the leadership and motivation techniques to have great teams, creating a personal plan on how to motivate oneself and your team, and to improve the results through the right professional team behaviour.

Achieve your best results thanks to the right professional behaviour for your team.

Table of contents of this course:

  1. Course and content introduction.
  2. The new professional profiles for sales, after sales and customer care teams: Millennial, X Gen and Z Gen and their management challenges.
  3. Managing multigenerational teams. Challenges and opportunities.
  4. Sales management responsibilities. Necessary responsibilities.
  5. Leadership. Boss vs. Leader. Leadership models
  6. Situational leadership: which leadership style suits my team best?
  7. Motivation. What does it mean to motivate a salesperson?
  8. Scientific basis for leadership and motivation for sales, after sales and customer care teams.
  9. Motivation skills. Team motivation plan.
  10. Leadership that resonates. Incorporating emotional intelligence applied to team management.
  11. How to manage sales leads and management through Referendity.
  12. The action plan.


Our methodology is based on the deductive learning, or “learning by doing”. Our students put the newly acquired concepts to practice.

Aimed at

  • New admissions.
  • Professionals who wish or need to update their work performance.
  • Professionals who have been or will be promoted to a new position or role.
  • Professionals with no previous specific training.

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