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Febrero: 17 y 18
Marzo: 19 y 20
Total: 12h
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900€ + VAT (first enrolment)
720€ + VAT (second and additional enrolments)
Food and beverages included.

Sales leads must have the necessary skills to create meetings with their teams in an effective and motivating way. Thus, and through different manager-salesperson contacts, the teams will carry on with their sales activities focusing on the main goal, and putting in practice the best strategy with their action plans.

This course is ideal for salespeople about to be promoted to sales leads, and for those sales leads who wish to improve their team management and communication skills to achieve systematically all the set goals.

This course goals are to establish the skill to develop one-on-one meetings with salespeople, as well as sales meetings with the whole team and cycle and convention meetings.

Table of contents of this course:

1. Course and content introduction.
2. Goals for each type of meeting. One-on-one, in group or at conventions.
3. Communication is the main success skill during business meetings.
What to communicate
When to communicate
How to communicate
Tools to communicate
Combining hard and soft communication during business meetings.
How to orally and verbally establish agreements with your team.
Communications for tracking agreements.
4. Remote team time management.
5. Preparing all types of business meetings – Contents and Activities.
6. The development of business meetings
7. Links in-between meetings.
8. Essential skills all sales managers need to succeed in a meeting.
9. Practical application of a business meeting for every profile
10 The action plan.
11. Summary and conclusion of the meeting.


Our deductive methodology of “Learning by doing” means our students put the newly acquired concepts to practice as the course progresses.

Aimed at

  • Customer Care

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