Enero: 13 y 14
Febrero: 3 y 4
Marzo: 5 y 6
Total: 16h
Horario: 9 a 14 y 15:30 a 18


Palma de Mallorca


900€ + VAT
Lunch and coffee included.
720€ + VAT
A partir de la segunda matrícula.

At this very moment, and in Spain alone, there are over 7 million potential clients, 350 million around the world. And they are all “exposed” in a segmented way so you can contact them to sell your products or services in very few steps.

This course is aimed at all those sales professionals who want to adjust their skills to the reality of today’s market and do not want to become obsolete.

Get the perspective and skills required so your company’s sales team can incorporate the social selling skills in their daily work routines.

Table of contents of this course:

Session 1 (8 hours): Digital Presence and Attitude

  1. Course and content introduction.
  2. Introduction to why B2B Digital Sales are important.
  3. The Sales Me in LinkedIn. Personal and corporate showcase.
  4. The SSI effect.
  5. The key and the challenge: Trust.
  6. The salesperson’s presence online and the knowledge
  7. of professional social networks.
  8. Basic concepts for communication in digital environments.
  9. Social attitudes.
  10. The power of the first contact and connection.
  11. The power of groups.
  12. Taking part is the goal.
  13. Sharing with your target.
  14. Following without connecting.
  15. The effect of recommendations.

Session 2 (8 hours): Digital Presence and Attitude

  1. The Secret: Process, Method and Persistence.
  2. Attracting new clients using LinkedIn in B2B environments.
  3. Business research using LinkedIn.
  4. Business segmentation. For target positions.
  5. Business research using LinkedIn.
  6. Business segmentation. For target companies.
  7. First contacts with clients: How to get visibility.
  8. The first milestone: Connecting.
  9. Creating trust with value.
  10. Reached milestone: Getting first visits.
  11. Gaining potential clients’ loyalty.
  12. Tracking the business activity.
  13. Time management: how to work daily on LinkedIn.
  14. How to improve productivity: must-have tools.


Our methodology is based on the deductive learning, or “learning by doing”. Our students put the newly acquired concepts to practice.

Aimed at

  • New admissions.
  • Professionals who wish or need to update their work performance.
  • Professionals who have been or will be promoted to a new position or role.
  • Professionals with no previous specific training.

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