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We have created a variety of training options: open, in-company, online and micro learning courses  that have an impact on the sales behaviours and enhance your team’s talent, aligning them with the company, market segment, department and product’s strategies.

We also offer specialized training itineraries for management, middle managers and  open courses about sales techniques , as well as other subjects from the sales world for all kind of professional profiles.

Social Selling for companies

Optimum-Execus is one of the only three LinkedIn-certified partners in the world to implement our sales solutions to your company. We have developed the only existing methodology that increases sales opportunities up to a 45%, and increase sales up to a 15% through LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator. www.Social-Selling.es


Thanks to our A3 methodology (Analizar Antes de Actuar – “analyzing before taking action”), we are able to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the sales department of your company.

We analyze your sales strategies, sales models, distribution channels, sales analysis systems, client portfolio, sales, after-sales and customer service departments in order to present an action plan, designed to increase sales.

David Galve conference in

Social Selling Day

Full lecture by David Galve, CEO of Optimum Sales, on Social Selling Day 2019.

Market studies

We perform market and client satisfaction researchs so you can increase your sales.

To do so, we implement two methodologies:

  • Qualitative methodology to explore the main focus: motivations and obstacles, attitudes, perceptions, lifestyles, selling behaviours, market standpoints, competitors, etc.
  • Quantitative methodology to discover statistically-relevant cause-effect relations for the main focus.


We convert your  business strategy into reality. By providing firms with a sales methodology that effectively increases their sales.

By implementing business processes tailored to each study case. By establishing the efficiency indicators that better suit each firm. By increasing the personal competence of all sales, after-sales and client support team members.

Distribution channels

Our joint work with the client helps us define and implement the most suitable distribution channel development strategies in order to increase sales. By designing and implementing operational actions aimed at incorporating new business partners (wholesalers, distributors, retailers, agents, etc) and executing demand-generation programmes through customer support actions in the channel.


La nueva regulación de la visita médica

En el Boletín Oficial del País Vasco en el nº 40, de fecha, veintisiete de febrero de 2020 se ha publicado la normativa que regula la visita médica en el sistema sanitario de Euskadi. Esta normativa actualiza disposiciones estatales del año 94 y europeas de 2001.


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