Here at Optimum we get involved with the objectives and challenges of our clients, and we work together to design and implement new sales strategies and optimize and professionalize the sales processes in place.

Our work goes from the strategic definition, implementation of business management models and methodology, to operative tasks related to the sales departments.

Implementation activities in sales departments are customized according to the defined corporative strategy of each company, as well as the market they focus on, the sales system in place, as well as the existing sales channels, whether it is brand new or already established.

Implementation of a Sales Process for
Sales, After Sales and Customer Care Teams

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When companies sell their products or services through their sales, after sales or customer care teams, we are able to design implementation processes such as the following ones:

  • Processes and methods increasing business productivity.
  • Processes to digitally transform the sales team.
  • Business management processes and methodologies tailored to strategic goals.
  • Optimisation processes derived from sales auditing.
  • Territorial management processes and methodologies.
  • Client management processes and methodologies.
  • Large accounts management processes and methodologies.
  • Product management processes and methodologies.
  • Sales plans.
  • Solutions derived from audits.
  • Internationalization projects.
  • CRM implementation.

Implementation of Sales Processes
For Distribution Channels

When a company sells through a distribution channel, we are able to create implementation projects such as the following:

  • Opening converging distribution channels.
  • Distributors’ recruitment programme.
  • Distributors’ activation programme.
  • Distributors’ loyalty programme.
  • Distributors’ development programme.
  • Distributors’ phone support.
  • Programme for generating demand towards the channel.
  • PRM implementation.
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Sales Processes Implementation
for the Online Channel

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When a company sells through an online channel, we are able to create implementation projects such as the following:

  • Development and implementation of systems for b2b, b2c and mixed companies.
  • Introduction of products on Market Places.
  • Content creation.
  • Audience generation.
  • Content relevance management.
  • Separation of published contents depending of frequency intensity.
  • Online sales management.
  • Tracking management in e-tailing portals.

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