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LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the premium sales tool that allows salespeople increase their business productivity, obtain more and better relationships with clients and increase their influence significantly among influential and trend-setting people who use their products or services for their clients.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator will increase your business productivity.

Table of contents of this course:

1. Course and goals introduction.
2. Transforming professional buyers in B2B markets influenced by digital and social environments.
3. Differences between LinkedIn.com and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
4. Different sales processes for salespeople with LinkedIn Sales Navigator:
– Finding new clients.
– Increasing product usage by our current clients.
– Cross-selling and Upselling.
– Nurturing before deciding on an offer.
– Nurturing during the period between rejected offers and creating new ones.
5. Segmentation of supertargets and targets, by position or account. Establishing precise searches.
6. Starting valuable relationships via LinkedIn Sales Navigator to generate visits with high business content and impact.

7. Putting sales influences in practice during the decision-making, influence and use processes with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
8. Tag, Notes and Deal as management tools for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
9. The 6-dimension matrix for content © as a management tool for value contents – how to generate sales and influence with clients through LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
10. How to create In-Mails that gets us views from people we would like to meet.
11. Point Drive for boosting sales.
12. Integrating salespeople’s activities in LinkedIn Sales Navigator on the CRM.
13. Action Plan.
14. Summary and conclusion of the meeting.


Our deductive methodology of “Learning by doing” means our students put the newly acquired concepts to practice as the course progresses.

Aimed at

  • Salespeople.
  • Key Account Managers.
  • Sales managers.
  • Business managers.
  • SMB managers with active business activity

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